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Bak Middle School Of The Arts10

West Palm Beach, FL | Palm Beach County


February 6, 2015

I go to this school and i love it. I highly recommend it. It is worth all the hard work to pass the auditions.

December 11, 2014

My son is a 6th grade visual arts major and is very happy in this school. He is a bus rider and so far we have had no problems in the school or on the bus. Bak offers these very talented students lots of opportunities they would normally not have. It is very diverse and yet everyone gets along. I am glad we were given the opportunity to apply for such a great school.

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June 5, 2014

BAK is a great school. It's worth the effort to apply, audition and commute to from across the county. Amazing exp for children

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April 10, 2014

Extroverts only. Introverts need not apply. My daughter is a fantastic artist and writer, but did not get in because she did not speak loudly enough and did not show enough emotion and gestures during audition. It is evident that there is only one personality type on campus when you visit.

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January 30, 2014

Love this school. I'm so happy that my 7th grade girl attend in VISUAL ART PROGRAM.....

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January 13, 2014

This school perfectly met my daughters needs. She is an 8th grade Visual Arts major. The combination of being able to take didactic classes, then art classes in the same day improved her over all school performance. She is in all gifted and advanced courses. She took HS Algebra 1 last year and HS Geometry and HS Spanish this year. It is a tough school and has high demands and expectations. Due to this, she has learned dedication and time management. Her grades are great and she is very enthusiastic about the school. No school is flawless, she has liked some teachers better than others, some classes better than others. These students overall have a high level of self esteem and learn that hard work yields great accomplishments. She is proud to have attended this school.

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December 30, 2013

I attended Bak last year for my eighth grade year, and was very nervous about switching schools in the middle of my middle school career. I came from a Christian School, at which I had a very poor experience. I auditioned for Bak for Theatre as First Choice, and Vocal as Second Choice. I really wanted to pursue Theatre, but I also enjoyed signing. I passed the rigorous auditions for both, however only a spot was available for my second choice, Vocal. I accepted, and was told that if a spot open up for Theatre, I would be accepted into the Theatre program. I started the school year in Vocal, fearing that I would be ostracized and not accepted by others. By lunch time on the first day, I knew that I had encountered a very special school, and that my fears were altogether dumbfounded. I really enjoyed Vocal, but my heart was in the Theatre. I met with the principal (at that time Mrs. Kennedy), and she set up a meeting with Mr. Valentine, the Theatre Dean. I spoke with them, and we talked for quite a bit, and they ultimately told me they would let me know. I ended up switching to Theatre, and I had a superb year. I thoroughly enjoyed both Arts and Academic classes. Best School EVER

October 22, 2013

I am currently a 7th grader at Bak MSOA and I have learned a lot of from this school. Not just academic skills but how school should be first priority. Yes this school is difficult and gives more work than average but I believe to get better you should be challenged. All of the rude comments you see are parents that are furious at the fact that their kid did not get in. If your kid is interested in arts I totally recommend it. I came into Bak not knowing much about my major, which is communications. We do a lot of video and radio production, journalism, speech and debate, and graphic design. My dream career is now to be a director or producer of movies, Bak has helped me figure out my path. I really can not say anything bad about it, for once I actually enjoy going to school every morning.

January 24, 2013

Honestly, this middle school was one of the best schools I have ever attended. Although I only spent one year there, it was the most beneficial year of my schooling thus far. I attended three different schools in so many years and this school was the reason that I began to love learning again. They encourage their students to learn and be cultured at the same time. I graduated in 2011 and the teachers were so supportive of the high schools that we chose to attend. I chose to attend Suncoast High School which is one of the top ranked schools in the nation and I found that I was extremely prepared for the amount of work and rigorous curriculum that was thrust upon me. If your child is interested in the arts at all, I suggest you encourage them to audition because it is truly a wonderful experience. Everyone there is accepting and their Theatre program is fantastic!

October 20, 2012

BAK is AWESOME. We love Mrs. Kennedy, Ms. Souder, Mr B, Mrs B, Mr Barefoot, Ms. Ellrich, Ms.Womble, Ms. Jahn, Mr. Loud, Ms. Rizzo, Mr. Cantor. We just started and so grateful.

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July 3, 2012

BMSOA is one of the best middle schools in Florida. Private schools lose a lot of their best students to Bak when they enter 6th grade. From top to bottom, no school can compete academically. The arts options are exceptional and the facilities in general are fantastic. Not to mention that every great teacher wants to teach at Bak. The students are bright, engaged and eager to learn. The environment alone is reason enough to want to be there. The only problem with the school is that it is extremely selective. A lot (and I am not exaggerating here) of great, smart and talented students do not get accepted. But I firmly believe that great kids do great things regardless of where they are.

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April 13, 2012

My daughter has spent the last 3 years at BAK, and as she gets ready to move on to Suncoast MSE program, I felt it appropriate to review this school. It is absolutely amazing, the students are fun, intelligent and respectful of their teachers, parents and surroundings. The school teaches yet allows the child to evolve as an individual, what a remarkable place to be at. Teachers are so amazing there and the curriculum is integrated to the creative core of the school, my child loves BAK and she is very sad to leave.

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March 13, 2012

Nothing like it... If your children are interested in the arts, this is the school for them. Academics and arts that are outstanding. Top notch everything. My children love their school. Even the non- arts teachers we've encountered so far have been amazing at giving students various choices in how to do certain projects (example... Turn in a project about a country as a report, as a video, as a travel brochure, a shadow box, etc.). Students are able to access the creative parts of their mind, making learning SO much more fun - and memorable. Kids are kids anywhere you go, and this school is no different. However, my kids HAVE ATTENDED a non - choice middle school and there IS a difference on what is tolerated here. Severe discipline cases are not permitted to return, making it a better learning environment for those who are focused. I could go on for days, but with just over 190 characters remaining? I will simply end with "every day grateful" that my kids have finally been accepted into this school. There IS a difference. This is consistently rated the #1 middle school in the county, and consistently a top 10 in the state. Simply outstanding, no doubt.

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December 29, 2011

BEST SCHOOL EVER!! I'm a seventh grade strings major and LOVE my teachers and friends and the whole family of students.

October 23, 2011

I think this is the most awesome school ever! I'm a seventh-grade vocal major and I absolutely LOVE the teachers! There are great people there and I've made so many great friends. I love everything about the school except the "no music at lunch" rule. Other than that, I wish this school could go to collage :)

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